Our Curriculum

8 chapters delivered weekly.
150+ challenges.
Countless hours of play and learning.

In this 8-week learn-to-code course, your kid will uncover a secret in a story full of fun characters and imaginative scenes. They will learn the fundamentals of computer programming while playing a video game that is free of violence, vanity, and in-app purchases.

Chapter 0

Voyage to Var Vista

This first module introduces our main character, Patch, a young robot who is learning to code. Patch receives an invitation to visit a relative in Var Vista - a town in the remote land of Memoria. Once there, Patch’s job is to help Grandbot Pop with coding tasks around town, so Patch must quickly learn:

  • What is Coding
  • Program Instructions
  • How to Use Variables
  • Numbers, Booleans, Strings & Colours
  • Running a Program
Number of Challenges
2 to 5 hours
Estimated Time of Completion

Patch travels to Var Vista

Chapter 1

Things are Changing

Patch now understands the basics of how things work around town. However, a mystery is brewing. The gondola that connects Var Vista to Memoria City is all fixed, but someone has taken its batteries, and Townbots are forgetting their most basic programs. Help the town, power the gondola and unveil the next step in the story. To do this Patch must learn:

  • Event-based Code
  • Changing Variables with Math
  • IF Conditions
  • Comparisons with Greater Than, Less Than, & Equals
  • Logic with AND & OR
Number of Challenges
2 to 5 hours
Estimated Time of Completion

Commotion at the Gondola station

Chapter 2

Memoria City Mystery

Something is wrong in Var Vista and Patch must travel to Memoria City to warn the Mayor, but the bustling city is busier than the sleepy town above. Patch needs to learn how to repeat program instructions easily to keep up. Will the Mayor help? Or is this mystery larger than expected? To find out, Patch must learn:

  • Repeating Code with Loops
  • Making and Changing Arrays
  • Finding and Sorting Values
  • Plotting on an XY Grid
Number of Challenges
2 to 5 hours
Estimated Time of Completion

Approaching the guard at the city hall

Chapter 3

Dancing Around Danger

Patch follows a tip to party central, the seaside neighbourhood of Peer To Pier. Hoping to solve the mystery, Patch must collect clues from local vendors and compete in a robot dance-off to uncover the culprit behind the strange circumstances in Memoria. To do this, Patch must learn:

  • Creating Patterns with Arrays
  • Sequencing Colors & Sounds (& Dance Moves)
  • Combining Colors
  • Notes (Pentatonic Scale)
  • Reacting to Sensor Input
Number of Challenges
2 to 5 hours
Estimated Time of Completion

Counting orders at the food truck

Chapter 4

Mining for Memories

Something bad is about to happen in Memoria, and the only other bot who will help is a fierce reporter named Snippet, who is following her own clues for this mystery. Everything points to the laboratory high atop the mines of Maker Mountain. There must be a way to sneak to the top, but to do this Patch must learn:

  • Binary with Bits, Nibbles, & Bytes
  • Building Complexity from Simplicity
  • Counting in Binary & Hexadecimal
  • Converting Binary, Decimal, & Hexadecimal
Number of Challenges
2 to 5 hours
Estimated Time of Completion

Learning how memory chips are made

Chapter 5

The Founders of Memoria

The truth behind the mystery is getting clearer every moment. Now Patch and Snippet must look to the past for the final clues that will lead them to the mastermind behind all the trouble in Memoria. Is the answer hidden deep within the original source code of Old Memoria? To find out, Patch must learn:

  • Smarter Coding with Functions
  • Function Inputs & Outputs
  • Simple Filters for Strings & Arrays
  • Painting Shapes & Colors with Code
Number of Challenges
2 to 3 hours
Estimated Time of Completion

Consulting the wise code librarian

Chapter 6

Debugging the Danger

There was something hidden in the past, and it solves the problems that continue to plague Memoria. However, it may be too little too late. As the menace behind the mystery strengthens their grasp around the city, Patch needs to find help to get the word out. To save the city, Patch must learn:

  • How Computers Communicate
  • Making & Sending Messages
  • Receiving & Responding to Messages
  • Identifying Bad Messages
Number of Challenges
2 to 5 hours
Estimated Time of Completion

More guards at MemCorp HQ

Chapter 7

Labyrinth of Logic

The culprit is on the run, and Patch must face a series of challenges that will test everything learned to this moment. Success at this stage will depend on Patch’s resiliency to try, fail, and try again. With the dark menace captured, the final details of our mystery could reveal themselves and Patch will complete the quest. To do this, Patch must learn:

  • Apply Multiple Skills to Solve Puzzles
  • Decode Encrypted Clues
  • Debug Broken Programs
Number of Challenges
1 to 3 hours
Estimated Time of Completion

In the lair of the final challenge

Chapter 8

Making New Memories

Patch solves the mystery and heads back to Var Vista to see Grandbot Pop, and the other robot friends around town. Friends collected along the way also join for the trip so everyone can celebrate in the fun. Patch gets a reward– the ability to create programs all over Memoria. To enjoy these newfound powers, Patch must learn:

  • Making & Saving Programs
  • Defining Variables
  • Defining Functions
  • Advanced Challenges
Number of Challenges
1 to 3 hours
Estimated Time of Completion

Together again with all your friends

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