Our Curriculum

One chapter per concept.
50+ challenges.
Countless hours of play and learning.

In this learn-to-code course, your kid will uncover a secret in a story full of fun characters and imaginative scenes. They will learn the fundamentals of computer programming while playing a video game that is free of violence, vanity, and micro-transactions.

Book One

Voyage to Var Vista

This first module introduces our main character, Patch, a young robot who is learning to code. Patch receives an invitation to visit a relative in Var Vista - a town in the remote land of Memoria. Once there, Patch’s job is to help Grandbot Pop with coding tasks around town.

However, a mystery is brewing! Something is wrong in Var Vista, and bots are having strange problems around town. Patch journeys to Memoria City to warn the Mayor, but the bustling city is busier than the sleepy town above. To help the bots of Memoria, Patch must learn:

  • How to Use Variables
  • Comparisons with Greater Than, Less Than, & Equals
  • Logic with AND & OR
  • Making and Changing Arrays
  • Plotting on an XY Grid
  • And more!
Number of Chapters
Number of Challenges
12 to 18 hours
Estimated Time of Completion
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Book Two

Dancing Around Danger

Patch follows a tip to party central, the seaside neighbourhood of Peer To Pier. Hoping to solve the mystery, Patch must collect clues from local vendors and compete in a robot dance-off to uncover the culprit behind the strange circumstances in Memoria. To do this, Patch must learn:

  • Creating Patterns with Arrays
  • Sequencing Colors & Sounds (& Dance Moves)
  • Combining Colors
  • Notes (Pentatonic Scale)
  • Reacting to Sensor Input
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Counting orders at the food truck

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